First things first: We've said it in the past, and we'll say it again, we certainly need more female automotive reviewers, and this is especially true when it comes to those who cover Tesla.

While many women own Tesla vehicles, they seem to be few and far between since most of the popular review channels are dominated by males. We'll definitely be sharing more content from female Tesla owner Carter Jones in the future.

Jones brings a fresh perspective in this review of the 3-row Model Y, which she was fortunate to test drive recently. Moreover, her channel is packed with helpful Tesla-related content, and most of it has been published over the past few months. It's primarily related to the Model 3 that she already owns, and there seems to be a focus on finances and features.

Jones compares the 2021 Model Y to her 2021 Model 3. The Model Y she's checking out has the optional third row, but aside from that, it's really no different from any other 2021 Model Y. 

She's never driven a Model Y before, and she's considering leasing another car. In fact, she may be interested in leasing a Model Y, but first, she has to check it out. Fortunately, she gets to take a Model Y home overnight. She's surprised at how much bigger the Model Y is, though it still feels just about the same as the Model 3 when you're in the driver's seat.

Jones feels that the Model Y is clearly a better Tesla for families and road trips. However, she's a very small lady, and still, even with the second row moved forward, she car barely fit in the optional third-row seats. In addition, she says that if you have to go with the 3-row model, you might not have enough cargo space for your family due to the extra seats. If you can stick with the 2-row model, you may be better off.

In the end, we feel that Jones's assessment of the Model Y is much like ours. If you already have a Model 3, and you don't need a small third row, it may not make a lot of sense to upgrade and spend the extra money on the Model Y. However, if you're a fan of crossovers, you appreciate the more spacious interior, and the higher ride height, you should at least consider the Model Y.

We suggest driving the Model 3 and the Model Y before making a decision. We also suggest taking a close look at how the 7-seat Model Y compares to the 5 seater.

What do you think? Is the Model Y worth the extra money, or should the Model 3 suffice for most people? Let us know in the comment section below.

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