If you want a very detailed and honest review of the Ford Mustang Mach-E from Tesla Model Y owners, check out the above video. A husband and wife duo that recently started the Space Coast EV Drivers YouTube channel test drives a Mach-E at their local Ford dealership. The Tesla owners had a lot to say in the 53-minute video. 

If your curious about every inch of the Mach-E and have a lot of questions about it, this video is for you. Before the couple drives the Mustang, they spend a lot of time checking out every nook and cranny of the electric SUV. One thing I hadn't noticed before is the lack of rear exterior door handles. A button pops open the doors, the front doors have a handle to open it more but the rear doors don't, forcing rear passengers to touch the inside of the door to open it. 

Later in the video, a Ford salesman walks out and they get all kinds of questions answered. The salesman goes on the test drive with them and they continue to pick his brain about the Mach-E. 

During the test drive, they mention that the Mach-E is more comfortable. Teslas are known to have slightly stiff suspension. They also like the power and how the EV handles. When they saw the Mach-E's surround-view camera system, they quickly mentioned that they wish their Model Y had one. 

They both like the Mach-E and say that anyone who drives it probably would, but they still prefer their Mode Y Long Range for a few reasons. They like the longer range of the Tesla, they say the Model Y feels more powerful, and think the Model Y has more storage (it has a little more). The last reason they give is the charging network, they prefer Tesla's Supercharger network over Electrify America's or any other third-party network. 

All of their reasons are valid, and other Model Y owners would likely say similar things, but that doesn't mean the Mach-E isn't a good EV. If consumers don't want a Tesla, the Mach-E is a very good alternative. 

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