Why is everyone looking for videos and articles about "the ugly" when it comes to Tesla? We're not so sure, but we do know that the bad and the ugly get way more attention than the good.

If you follow the vocal Tesla community on social media, you may have heard of Marc Benton. He's been around for a while, and he often speaks his mind about Tesla. He was also one of the first people to take ownership of a Model Y electric crossover as soon as it launched a year ago. Benton has also owned other Tesla's in the past, so he has plenty of experience.

Like most Tesla owners, Mark loves the cars and the company as a whole. However, he's always come across as brutally honest. In other words, Marc will publicly share exactly how he feels, regardless if it's going to upset his followers and friends. Thanks to this fact, we know that if Marc has issues with the Model Y, he's not going to hide them. In fact, he may actually publicize them just to get a rise out of people.

We appreciate this attitude, as it's especially hard in the Tesla community due to some super-hardcore advocates who go so far as to harass people who publish anything that suggests Tesla isn't perfect. Remember, no car is perfect, and it's important to cover the whole story, especially if we expect improvements down the road.

Sure, there are plenty of Tesla owners willing to share every bit of the truth. In fact, many have really come around as of late, probably not only because they want to see Tesla improve, but also because being honest about exposing the imperfections will almost certainly provide a boost in traffic, as well as widespread respect.

Marc talks about "the good" first. He actually likes driving the Model Y better than the Model 3. It's well-sized, the ride quality is great, and it's very practical due to its hatchback design. Marc says the Model Y has been virtually maintenance-free for the first year. He also goes on to share plenty of details related to the mods he's made to the crossover. If you're into mods, Benton is the man to talk to.

Next, Benton moves on to "the bad" and "the ugly." He says there honestly aren't many negatives, but the car's not perfect. The rear-seat fitment is weird, the color of the rear bumper doesn't match the hatch lid, and the Model Y isn't as efficient as his Model 3, which is to be expected.

Benton really only has one mention in "the ugly" category, and current Model Y buyers probably won't have to deal with it. His Model Y was delivered with holes in the trunk lid and the hood. These holes aren't imperfections, but instead, Tesla put them there on purpose. Fortunately, Marc has a solution, and, as far as we understand, Tesla is no longer delivering Model Y's with these holes.

Regardless of some negatives, Benton says he recommends the Model Y without reservation. Do you own a Tesla? If so, share your good, bad, and ugly with us in the comment section below.

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