We know by now that the Tesla Model Y doesn't have a spacious third row, but neither do most similar crossover SUVs. If you're planning to buy a three-row Model Y, you'll need to determine who you plan on putting in the rearmost seats, and then decide if there's adequate space and comfort for those future passengers.

If you're shopping for a three-row SUV, there's a good chance you have a large family. Most likely, you're looking at a midsize SUV since only a few compact SUVs on the market have a standard or available third row. It's also likely that you plan to put kids in the rearmost seats.

While a few midsize SUVs have adult-sized third rows, most are only suitable for children. If you need a colossal third row, you have to either choose a midsize SUV wisely or move to a large SUV.

In the case of the Model Y, Tesla calls it a midsize SUV, though it's not nearly as roomy as some class rivals. Some people argue that the Model Y should really be referred to as a compact crossover. Regardless of classes and definitions, what's most important is whether or not the vehicle you choose has enough room for the passengers and cargo you intend to transport in it.

We've seen and shared several reports related to the Tesla Model Y's optional third-row seats. While opinions have been a bit mixed, no one has argued that the third row is spacious and accommodating, though some adults have said they could ride comfortably back there, at least over short distances. Taller adults have noted that their heads are too close to, or even touching, the Model Y's rear hatch.

This recent Model Y review posted on YouTube by Gjeebs covers plenty of ground. However, the focus is the crossover's third-row seats, and whether or not a 6-foot-tall adult can actually ride back there. Most people aren't likely buying a three-row Model Y for transporting seven six-foot-tall adults, but at least you'll be aware of its limits.

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