Nissan was once one of the industry’s leading names when it came to the production of electric vehicles, thanks to the Leaf it launched back in 2010. However, since then, even though it has launched an all new and much better Leaf that’s still selling well, it has kind of lost its position as an EV leader, so a lot is riding on the new Ariya crossover’s shoulders.

The press has not yet been given access to drive the Nissan Ariya quite yet, but they have been allowed to get a closer (static) look at the vehicle before they actually have a chance to get behind the wheel. Jonny Smith of The Late Brake Show made a video about his first contact with the Ariya and he seems to like it quite a lot.

Jonny argues that this Ariya is a genuine contender in the expanding electric crossover segment, where it will wage battle against hte Volkswagen ID.4, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and even the Tesla Model Y. It has the looks, the specs, the space and the battery to

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