Interestingly, we were just talking about this topic the other day, and we've included some remarks about it in our articles. We're not talking specifically about the Edmunds' Tesla Model Y versus Porsche Taycan range test, but instead about the idea that every time something negative comes out about Tesla, it seems hardcore fans immediately want to poke holes in it. In fact, many of them are sending YouTuber Sam Alexander "biased articles" to debunk on his YouTube channel.

It's important to note here that we aren't calling out Sam Alexander for his coverage. He's entitled to his opinion, and he may have some solid points to share about why Edmunds' Model Y versus Taycan range test is either unfair or misleading. We always say it's important to look at both sides, or several angles, before coming to your own conclusion.

According to the EPA, Edmunds is wrong, though we know that's really not a fair statement without explanation. We also know the Taycan has much more range than the EPA estimate suggests. Moreover, we know Tesla's vehicles often get less range than their EPA rating. With this information readily available, it makes sense that Alexander wanted to dive into the details and figure this out. 

Sam's first issue is that Edmunds is comparing a reasonably priced small electric crossover to a $100,000 "supercar." It would have made much more sense for Edmunds to compare the Taycan to Tesla's super-long-range Model S luxury sedan. However, they didn't, so that's that. Nothing misleading about comparing any two cars if that's what you choose to do. He also says the Model Y is quicker to 60 mph than the Porsche. While surprising, that doesn't matter here, and he admits that.

As the video plays on, Alexander gets into the arguments he finds more compelling. After reading Edmunds' article, he immediately went to its website to find information about how it performs its standard EV range test. Just like us, he couldn't find any information. If anyone knows where the info is, please drop a link in the comment section. There a 2013 article related to EV range testing, but we don't know if it applies to the present.

The video goes on to talk about how Edmunds says it didn't charge the Tesla to full capacity. If it had, it would have had about 25 more miles of range. Tesla unlocks more of its battery capacity to owners than competing EVs. Edmunds also uses the limited 70-mph range mode in the Taycan, but it never mentions Tesla's Chill Mode.

There are many more points in the video. We suggest checking it out and letting us know which side you're on here. Leave us a comment below.

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