People who live in areas like Colorado – or Michigan like we do – with drastically changing seasons, should have two sets of tires for their car. Typically this is all-seasons and winter tires, though you could go with summer tires instead of all-seasons.

The guys over at The Fast Lane Car (TLFnow) have put new rims and all-weather tires on their Tesla Model Y. They say the all-weather tires are designed for better wet and cold pavement traction than dedicated winter tires. Is that true? How do they compare to all-seasons?

These are very good questions, and soon, TFL will have more answers. In this introductory video, they share the tires with us, talk about them in detail, and get into how they plan to test them.

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 offer a few different wheel and tire combinations. Some of this depends on which "trim" you choose: Long Range or Performance. TFL's Model Y Performance came with Pirelli P Zero performance summer tires. However, you can opt for all-seasons on your Tesla, as well as a winter wheel and tire package.

For those who don't know much about tires, the "all-season" descriptor can be misleading. While the tires are designed to handle different temperatures and types of weather, they don't perform well in ALL seasons in many locations. If you have a very cold, wet, icy, snowy winter ahead, that's a season these all-seasons aren't really equipped to handle.

Most people would suggest you get yourself some winter tires for the months ahead. TFL went a different route with the "all-weather" tires. Check them out in the video and then leave us your tire expertise in the comment section below.

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