If you're an EV fan, a Tesla owner, and/or someone who follows our channel, you're likely well-aware of Kyle Conner and his efforts. Way back when we first started following his YouTube channel, he set the electric cannonball record in a Tesla Model 3.

Since then, Conner has shared many road trips with us, and not just in the Model 3. He has also executed several range tests and charging tests. Recently, Kyle got ahold of a new 2020 Nissan LEAF Plus. It has a 62-kWh battery pack and an EPA-estimated range of 215 miles.

Interestingly, according to the EPA, the standard LEAF has a 149-mile range. The LEAF Plus gets a bump up to 226 miles. However, the range-topping SL Plus has less range since it's better-equipped and heavier. Keep in mind here, the LEAF SL Plus carries a starting price of close to $40,000. 

Our own Tom Moloughney performed the usual 70 mph range test with the LEAF SL Plus and achieved just 185.4 miles. Kyle ran the same test and traveled 193.6 miles to "empty." He also ran a DC fast-charging test with the LEAF to see if there were any "Rapidgate" issues.

Fast-forward to the culmination. Kyle takes us around in the LEAF SL Plus for an entire day of driving and fast-charging. This way, we can see the range and charging speed in real-world form. The main objective here is to see if thermal throttling "Rapidgate," impacts the charging speed after multiple DC fast-charging sessions.

Check out the video to learn all about Conner's latest results. Then, let us know if you have a LEAF Plus. Is it a good road trip car?

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