The Tesla Model Y, similar to other Tesla models, has had its fair share of initial quality complaints. That's particularly true in the first year of production. It almost seems as though Tesla launches its new models before they really nail down the manufacturing process, so the first few months of production results in a high degree of manufacturing defects. 

Tesla Owners Online recently took delivery of a new Model Y which was built in September and examined the vehicle to determine whether or not the manufacturer has made headway in improving initial quality.  

"Quite honestly, when you're spending this kind of money on a car, the quality should be much better... Every Model Y I've seen so far has had problems"

In short, the host was impressed and said none of the usual build issues were present on this new build. He goes over the panel gaps, the trim, the rubber door gaskets, and as well as the interior and cannot find any problems. 

He does advise all Model Y buyers to thoroughly inspect their vehicles upon delivery because this is just one sample and it's always better to be safe than sorry. We echo that advice, and would strongly recommend a thorough inspection before accepting any Tesla (or any car) for that matter. 

We've added the video that we did a few months ago to document our experience with one of the early build Model Ys. We rented one to do our Model Y 70-mph highway range test and that vehicle was brand new and unfortunately had numerous defects. 

Hopefully, Tesla has gotten past the initial manufacturing issues that they seem to have on every car they launch. If so, this would probably be the shortest period of time they have taken to correct the initial problems they have had with a new model, and that would be encouraging. 

Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below. We especially like to hear from current Model Y owners. 

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