Trending Owl takes a look at the dimensions of the Tesla Cybertruck compared to over 30 current gas-powered pickup trucks, including the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado, among many others.

With any comparison like this, especially when a Tesla vehicle is involved – not to mention one that has yet to come to market – there are always questions related to how the maker got the sizes and made the scale. Most, if not all, other automakers make dimensions readily available for their vehicles. This may not be true ahead of production, but definitely once the car is available for purchase.

Tesla not only keeps specific information under wraps early on (which makes sense), it also doesn't provide the complete information on its website once the car is available. So, keep in mind that the Cybertruck's numbers could be off a bit or could change before the electric pickup truck comes to market.

At any rate, it's neat to see the Cybertruck as a backdrop for all these current pickup trucks. It's definitely large, but perhaps not as large as we assumed it might be prior to its reveal.

People have said it's already too big to fit in most garages, but so are some other pickup trucks. At one point, Musk said Tesla planned to shave its size down a bit, but that's no longer the case. Who knows, he could change his mind many more times before you can actually buy the Cybertruck.

Below are a few more videos from Trending Owl that compare the Tesla Cybertruck's size to many cars and SUVs:

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