So, you're one of the few people who owns an original, red, fully-loaded Tesla Roadster in tip-top shape. It has been meticulously cleaned, detailed, and restored to brand-new condition. It even has a new battery pack. You've only really had the car at your house for a week. A car collector reaches out to you and wants to give you good money for the car. Do you sell it?

It's a tough question. While the original Tesla Roadster is a cool collector's car, it doesn't stand up to many other famous collector's cars that can be worth a pretty penny. Still, it's super unique and pretty rare, especially in the Sport configuration shown here. Once Tesla finally brings the new Roadster to market, the original Roadster could become even more popular to car aficionados.

Dan Markham (What's Inside? Family) owns every Tesla made thus far, aside from the Model Y. He actually bought an original blue Tesla Roadster awhile back. More recently, he happened upon this red Roadster. It was in such good condition, he couldn't pass it up. Markham also has a new Roadster coming in the future.

If he sells the original red Roadster, he'll still have the blue one, as well as the new one to look forward to. What should he do? Check out the video and leave us a comment.

Video Description via What's Inside? Family on YouTube:

Should I Sell My Tesla Roadster?

Is it time to sell my original red Tesla Roadster? I've only had it at my house for a week! I bought a New Tesla Roadster:

What do you guys think? Should we sell it or keep it? Let us know in the comments!

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