Tesla owner and EV superfan Bjørn Nyland has recently spent some quality time with the Porsche Taycan. More specifically, he has access to a base 4S model at the moment. Nyland has produced several informative videos about the car, but he says this noise test will be the second-to-last Taycan video, at least for now.

German luxury automakers have a reputation for excellence when it comes to build quality and overall fit and finish. This means their interiors tend to be very high quality, and they do a solid job of keeping outside sounds from sneaking into the passenger cabin.

The above is especially true of Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The Tesla Model S also gets plenty of praise for its hushed cabin, which isn't always the case with EVs. It may come as a surprise that the Model S fares so well, since Tesla has had issues with build quality over the years.

While quiet cabins may not be on people's radars so much today, with all of the fancy infotainment systems in cars and the need for constant streaming media, it's still important that a car is well insulated. This is arguably more important with electric cars, since there's no engine noise to mask road and wind noise. 

Porsche's vehicles are also known to have quiet cabins, however, arguably not as quiet as less sporty German luxury cars. We've already learned from multiple sources that the Porsche Taycan is quiet, though perhaps not as quiet as it could be. According to Car and Driver, the Model S is quieter inside than the Taycan.

Interestingly, according to Nyland's real-world noise tests, the Taycan is not as quiet as Audi and Mercedes, but it masks wind noise marginally better than the Model S Performance Raven. However, there are many variables here, such as tires, outside conditions, road conditions, specific trim levels of the vehicles tested, etc.

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Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Porsche Taycan noise test

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