We get long-term video reviews about Tesla vehicles all the time. However, sadly, that's not the case with many other electric cars. This makes it somewhat difficult for prospective EV buyers to make an educated buying decision. Sure, you can check car reviews on mainstream automotive publications, but there's something special about real-world reviews from actual owners.

This owner has had his 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV for just six months, though he's already put about 10,000 miles on it. That's enough time behind the wheel to form some solid opinions about the car. Overall, he's happy with the all-electric Chevy hatchback, though it's far from perfect. In fact, its interior is falling apart.

So, what's there to like?

This owner appreciates that the Bolt doesn't produce any tailpipe emissions. He also loves its instant torque, peppy acceleration, and excellent winter performance. He says its low center of gravity, heavy footprint, and good traction actually saved his life in the snow. The cabin tech is holding up well, and the touch-screen interface seems to work fine most of the time, aside from a bit of lagging at times.

What's not to like?

This interior is cheaply made. The driver's seat already broke and had to be replaced once. It's already falling apart again. Other parts of the interior are coming loose and/or falling apart. The infotainment system doesn't always "see" attached mobile devices, and the overall user interface is not as intuitive as it could be. In addition, the mobile app takes forever to connect to the car.

The above details are just a sampling of the information in this lengthy review. Check out the whole video for more details. Then, if you own an EV, reach out to us to share your ownership experience. The more information we can provide to people about these cars, the better job we're doing at promoting EV adoption. As always, leave us your thoughts about this review in the comment section below.

Video Description via B_ENERGIZED on YouTube:

2019 Chevy Bolt EV 6 Months Owner Review

So it has been 6 months since we brought home our 2019 Chevy Bolt EV and we have put nearly 10,000 miles on it! It has been a great car, but what are some of the things that I like and dislike? Watch and find out!

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