If you're in the market for a pickup truck, especially an electric pickup truck, then perhaps the Tesla Cybertruck is on your mind. If so, then these top 10 reasons to buy one should be of interest to you.

We'll be right up front in saying that these top 10 reasons don't necessarily line up with our top 10 here at InsideEVs, but most of the reasons to buy that are highlighted in this video do indeed match our thoughts on this topic too. 

As you'll see in the video, the first reason listed to support buying the Tesla Cybertruck is its impressive range, which is 500-plus miles in top-spec form. This figure is indeed impressive, even more so when you consider it's a pickup truck.

Next up is exhausted, or rather lack thereof. This is a benefit for every electric car out there. Zero-emissions equals a cleaner Earth.

Exhaust is followed by safety, which is a primary focus for every Tesla ever made. Teslas are always among the best-in-class in terms of safety, with most Teslas actually being above the class. The Cybertrucks unique design should make it among the safest vehicles ever, at least as far as occupants within are concerned.

Number four on the list is the vault or truck bed. It's unique automatic cover really sets it apart. That cover can be equipped with solar to power items and perhaps even charge up the battery a bit.

Coming in at 5 on the list is the truck's trick fold-down and extending tailgate. It acts like a ramp so that you can drive say a 4-wheeler right on into the truck bed.

We won't spoil the remaining 5 reasons on why you should buy a Tesla Cybertruck, so for some info on those, please do check out the video.

Video description via Charging Forward on YouTube:

Here are my top 10 reasons to buy a Tesla Cybertruck! Yes, there are actually more reasons to list, but I decided to keep it at just ten.

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