Tesla owner and YouTuber Ryan Shaw finally got his hands on a Tesla Model Y to explore. He spends a good deal of time inside and outside the car going over all the details and features. 

Shaw has provided us with plenty of nice content in the past. He was one of the first to produce a few Model Y videos quite quickly after deliveries started. However, he didn't actually have access to the car, but rather, just images and shared video. Since he already did all his homework, he provides a solid review of the electric crossover.

This video focuses on the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Tesla Model Y Performance, which is one of only two Model Y variants currently available on Tesla's website. It starts at $60,990. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range version carries a starting price of $52,990.

Let us know if you have a Model Y reservation or have already taken delivery of your car. Scroll down and share the details with us in our comment section.

Video Description via Ryan Shaw on YouTube:

The Tesla Model Y - Full In-Person Walkthrough

The Tesla Model Y is delivering, and today I give you an in-person walkthrough of every detail of the car along with all of its key features.

The Tesla Model Y was revealed on March 15, 2019, and exactly one year later, Tesla is beginning deliveries.

The Model Y is the follow up to the Tesla Model 3. When you compare the Model 3 vs Model Y, the Model Y is built out of 75% of the same parts, and about 10% larger, for a few thousand dollars more, but it’s much more than that.

THIS is the Tesla Model Y Performance. It gets a 0-60 of 3.5s, and a top speed of 155mph, and these particular wheels get a range of 280 miles, the AWD Model Y will get 316 miles of range.

To begin with, we notice the Tesla Model Y Exterior has 8 cameras all around the car which all contribute to the Autopilot system.

The biggest thing to notice in the Model Y roof is the large panoramic glass roof. From the outside, since it is very tinted, it just looks like the car is black, but it’s all glass.

The Model Y key is your smartphone or a key card.

Inside, The Model Y seats are higher than the Model 3 with the seats sitting on risers, and the visibility is quite amazing with the glass roof and something you can’t really experience until you sit in this car.

To adjust the seats, both driver and passenger seats have controls on the side and have a fairly large distance to choose from regarding height and distance from the steering wheel, and of course, both eh front and rear seats are heated. No heated steering wheel though.

The Model Y interior is incredibly simplistic. The main piece of the interior is the 15-inch touchscreen that controls all the main functions of the car from unlocking doors, autopilot customization, entertainment, climate controls, and much more.

The only physical controls on the Model Y are the two stocks and two scroll wheels on the steering wheel which adapt to various controls depending on what you’re doing.

For the Model Y center console, you’ll notice two USB ports inside. You can dock your smartphone by running a cable through this or use the included USB-C wireless charging pad to charge your phone. Yes, there is Model Y USB C and a 12V socket.

The Model Y comes standard with rear tinted windows.

Inside, you’ll notice the vents connected to the back of the center console, and the 2 USB-C ports which either your passengers in the back or front could take advantage of.

Now, each of these seats can fold independently, but they are still organized in a 60/40 split, meaning that the left and center seats recline together, and the right seat can recline on its own. The back seats recline as well.

If you want to fold these seats down, you can do so with the handles on the top of either seat.

Now, these seats fold mechanically. When I press the switch, it falls forward and drops for me with no effort. Alternatively, you can fold the rear seats with switches in the Model Y trunk.

The Model Y liftgate is powered and has a depth of about 44” from the seats to the trunk, and we can fit quite a bit back here. With the seats still up, we can fit a lot back here, but that’s not all. On top of this space, there are two under storage compartments.

Additionally, there are side cubbies on the Model Y that are about a foot across.

There are two switches that mechanically fold the seats by themselves. The first folds the left and center seats, and the second folds the right seat.

Now on top of the under storage, and all the potential storage you can have with the seats folded down, we also have the Model Y Frunk.

As you probably know, electric cars do not need engines, so the Model Y has a frunk which is an extra handy and hidden space that can fit a carry on suitcase no problem.

Some features people miss In the Model Y are a Heads Up Display and a Heated Steering Wheel.

Tesla says that the Model Y is built with all the hardware necessary to achieve full autonomy, where the car can drive in any situation, and you don’t need to pay attention, but that will be coming via software updates over the next couple of years.

The biggest advantage of owning a Tesla is that it is always improving for free via software updates, and will continue to do so, and we'll get more in-depth on that in future videos.

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