Because of its enormous popularity, there are dozens of accessories available for the Tesla Model 3. A few months ago we published our own Top 10 Must-Have Model 3 Accessories post, and we're now back with another list, this one done by YouTube techie, Andy Slye. 

Not surprising, there are some items that made both of our lists, but Slye suggests some accessories that we didn't, so we thought it would be a good idea to let our readers check out Andy's list also. 

Both lists include wireless charging pads, and we even both recommend the Jeda charging pad and hub. I personally have these products in my Tesla Model 3 and love them both. 

We also both recommend getting a screen protector for the center display. Seriously, if you only buy one thing for the interior of your Model 3, make it the screen protector. You want to keep that big beautiful screen protected from damage so it looks good for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Jeda Wireless Charging Pad
The Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for Tesla Model 3


Just like our list, Slye also recommends getting a USB drive for TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. This goes without saying, you definitely need to get this if you have a Model 3, I don't even consider it optional. Just ask all of the people that have been saved by their recordings when they have an accident, or someone damages their car when it's parked. 

However, that's all our lists have in common, only three out of the ten recommendations. Take a look at Slye's video and compare it to ours. Between the two, you should have most of your accessory needs covered. If they don't, you can always take a look at our Evannex Model 3 winter accessory post with all-season floor mats and car covers and more. 


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