Tesla didn't launch the $35,000 Model 3 intially. In fact, it took plenty of time for the automaker to reach a financial situation that allowed it to move forward with the base Model 3. However, it did finally get there. The car has been available now for some time and continues to be available. However, you can't order it on the automaker's website. 

If you search many automotive review sites, you won't find the Model 3 listed at $35,000 and you won't see the Standard Range trim level as an option. We believe the blame for discrepancy falls on Tesla. We understand the automaker may not be in a hurry to sell many of these cars due to the minimal profits, but if a car is available to order, we feel it should be on the automaker's website, and details should be very transparent.

Despite all of the above, the Model 3 Standard Range is still available to order and is still priced at $35,000.

For those who need proof, a recent Model 3 Standard Range buyer took the time to prove to us that it's still available and even went to great lengths to show us how to get it. While we all may agree that Tesla needs to revisit the situation and it shouldn't all be so painstaking, you can follow the process and get yourself a $35,000 Tesla by watching the video above.

Video Description via Car Confections on YouTube:

How to ACTUALLY BUY the $35,000 Tesla Model 3! (Yes, it really does exist!!)

Tesla doesn't make it easy to get their CHEAPEST $35,000 Tesla Model 3, so we go through all the steps necessary to put one of these value-oriented models in your garage! It's not too bad of a process, but definitely, one that can be confusing at times!

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