Elon Musk’s Mother Can’t “Jump The [Model 3 Reservation] Line” Despite Strong Tesla Connections

4 months ago by Eric Loveday 12

Maye Musk

There’s no jumping the Tesla Model 3 reservation line for Maye Musk, mother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Maye Musk told the interviewer that despite her strong familial ties to Tesla, even she can’t get moved up in the Model 3 reservation queue.

Maye Musk stated:

“I haven’t gotten the 3 yet.”

“I’m at around 300,000 [on the waiting list]. Even though I have good connections, I can’t jump the line.”

Maye isn’t a Tesla employee, so that alone knocks her down the list. She resides in Marina Del Ray, California, which is a few hundred miles from Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Maye and Elon aren’t often seen together in public, but they do show affection in the public sphere from time to time via Twitter:

The Model 3 reservation queue is supposedly ~450,000 deep, so Maye is nearer to the back of the line.

It’s good to know that Tesla isn’t bumping connected individual up towards the front of the line for reasons that other reservation holders would likely deem unacceptable.

We all must wait for our time.

Source: Quartz

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12 responses to "Elon Musk’s Mother Can’t “Jump The [Model 3 Reservation] Line” Despite Strong Tesla Connections"

  1. Cavaron says:

    Like mom said at christmas eve: The wait for it is halve the fun!

  2. L'amata says:

    Elon’s mom can have any model 3 she wants anytime at the snap of a finger. The poor thing is probably stuck driving a model S for the time being…How sad… I agree, the waiting & the mystery is half the fun !

  3. L'amata says:

    Let it be known , Mr G is a couthless and disrespectful Pervert ! To write such a thing on a public forum . No Shame.

  4. Alan says:

    You’d make a great limbo dancer !

    1. L'amata says:

      Birds of a feature ,flock together..Be Proud!

  5. L'amata says:

    A Sincere Thank You, Mr. Moderator.. .

  6. Doggydogworld says:

    A reservation doesn’t guarantee you any particular place in line. Tesla has free rein to deliver in whatever order they please.

    This is just PR.

    1. Clive says:


  7. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Geez, that makes me feel better slightly.

    I am probably behind her on the list and maybe she should just cancel hers so I can move up. =)

  8. Clive says:

    Ha. She can just borrow Elon’s Model 3.

  9. captylor says:

    So Reservations went down that much in two months? “”08-02-2016 518,000 gross ,455,000 net,-63k cancellations and orders of 1800 per day…””

    “The Model 3 reservation queue is supposedly ~400,000 deep”?
    455k down to 400k???

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