Daimler To Add Even More Battery Production For Plug-In Cars

AUG 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Daimler is expected to produce battery packs for plug-in electric cars at even more sites than previously announced.

According to Reuters, the company recently said that plants in Sindelfingen and in Untertuerkheim in Germany will get battery manufacturing capabilities too.

The investment will be “part of a 1.5 billion euro ($1.75 billion) transformation plan to retool Mercedes-Benz plants to build zero-emission and autonomous vehicles”. Sindelfingen, where Mercedes-Benz S-Class model is currently made, will focus on large autonomous and electric cars. The Untertuerkheim plant to be transformed into high tech location for electric car components (like electric motors for Mercedes-Benz EQ).

Several battery production sites suggest that Daimler is preparing for the gradual transition to plug-ins.

That’s comes on top of the:

It’s odd that in the case of Mercedes-Benz electric buses, the battery packs are made by the separate company AKASOL.

Source: Reuters

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Maybe because of the experience of AKASOL, with liquid cooled batteries for buses, and since they are (or was?) the largest vehicle battery plant in Europe.
It may be the quickest solution to get the buses from Daimler on the road?
AKASOL delivers batteries to other manufacturers as well.

Sooner or later, Mercedes may want to make the batteires themselves – but for all I know, they already owns stock in AKASOL or something. Maybe buses are so low volume for one manufacturer, that it’s cheaper to just buy the batteries from a supplier that delivers to several brands, and can spend the money needed to develop, test and produce them with the quality and price Mercedes likes.

Might also be related to the fact that buses are a more uniform and less constrained design space — no need to create custom packs for each model…

Or about 1/3 of what Tesla is spending on battery production…

but probably only getting about 1/10 of the GW of Tesla.
As it is, Tesla/Panasonic are stepping up GF2 to what, 105 GW / year?