Chevy Camaro Performance Electric CUV Comes To Life


Chevy did tell dealers it’s working on a performance-electric car.

Earlier this month, a Chevy dealer went online and discussed seeing a glimpse of the mid-engined Corvette. While that is exciting – and not a surprise – he also noted a performance-electric vehicle that is in development, adding it looked very much like a crossover. In March, Ford asked us to imagine a four-door Mustang SUV – and we did. It also got us thinking. If Ford’s thinking of putting the name on an electric SUV, is Chevy following suit? So, what we have here is what such a performance-electric Chevy crossover could look like if the automaker decides to make it a Camaro. It’d be a tit for tat against Ford.

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While the Camaro electric SUV doesn’t have four doors like its Mustang counterpart, it does have the appearance of a shooting brake. It’s probably the closest we’ll get to a Camaro-like wagon anytime soon. But the rendering has all the markings of an electric crossover. There’s the solid grille because the usual combustion engine doesn’t need all that air. Sorry, there’s not “Flowtie.”

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Rendered Ford Electric SUV

Gray plastic cladding along the bottom and around the wheel wells accentuates the increased ride height. That stuff is standard for today’s crossover. Got to make it look tough, and rugged for the mall parking lot. There’s a small lip spoiler on the rear that does give the Camaro slightly sporty appearance. We doubt it’ll set any records around the Nürburgring anytime soon.

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Just like the Mustang, electrification and hybrid powertrains are inevitable in the Camaro. However, taking an iconic nameplate and putting it on a crossover seems like an idea from the marketing department in hopes of selling something that’s not a Camaro to former Camaro owners with a family to haul around. Mitsubishi did it with the Eclipse Cross, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. And Ford seems to be reading from the same book. Crossovers are selling, so why not make everything a crossover?

As of right now, this is just a rendering. If Chevy’s rumored performance-electric vehicle is a crossover, it may not even look remotely like a Camaro or this rendering. Then again, our rendering department certainly makes such a proposition look cool, especially with its two-door appearance.

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Excellent Idea.
Electric Performance cannot be ignored.
People are still in disbelief of the awesome performance of the BMW i3. So, this is an excellent way to get the performance idea across to the general public.

As an added bonus, if there’s rear seat headroom it doesn’t kill sales to people with friends, and family.

Like the Volt’s only major flaw is the tight headroom for rear passengers. So, I see this as a very smart move.

Also, it stops the embarrassment on the streets for these older ICE models.

But, are these cars being made “SUV” to avoid safety standards?

Cool. I always liked the Camaro.

I have owned several Camaros. Making a 4 door grocery getter out of a sports car is goofy as it gets. Automakers and society are trying there hardest to take the sport out of driving. Example, Dodge Charger, who the hell 40yrs ago would have thought there would be a 4door decades later. Imagine sales of the charger if the dummies would have made a 2 door option. Not everyone needs a huge 4 door car to haul alot of ass around. So with the push to implement electricity powered cars, we will lose more Im afraid than we will gain. Combustion engines can be made alot more efficient if the car companies would choose to. Electric has just as much drawbacks as combustion engines do. So we will see how the electric dependency of our new fledged society pans out in the long run with our quest to please environmentalists hoopla. Whats next hover cars?

Keith I am a car nut from way back but after owning two hybrids, a plug in hybrid and two electrics I’m sold on the electric revolution and will never go back. They are plain and simple a better drive and run on pennies. While not suitable for all uses the same can be said of conventional cars. I think its revealing when the term environmentalist crops up in discussing this current trend, is it really the cars or the ideology that’s the problem?

That is not very attractive, or aerodynamic. GM will need to do better then that if they want to sell well.

Another Euro point of view

It seems that body styling of “muscle cars” has more to do with traditions than modern trends or aerodynamics.

It was a rendering from Inside EVs, this isn’t from GM

Oy. My dreams of a future electric sports car have been crushed. I guess I’ll start saving for the Tesla Roadster 2.0. Should take me about 2-3 lifetimes to save up enough for the payments and eventual maintenance costs.

You are correct. Big Brother would rather we all take buses and public transportation than drive anyways. They dont care that we all have to now pay for years to buy a car. Its ridiculous to pay as much for a damn car than a small house .


I’m all for daily electric cars but those things pictured above are not realities I want to live to see.

Sold, gimme gimme!

Bring back ELR as a rear-drive performance BEV!

Are we sure that this rumored electric performance vehicle this guy saw isn’t simply just the Buick performance SUV already shown a couple of days ago?

Abominations. Please stop.

They would never produce a two door cuv.



NO NO NO NO!!!! Camaro should only be a gas burning MUCLE CAR!!!

Sort of looks like the original volt concept car on steroids

Some folks liked the concept version better than the production volt

Give me a break. All the electric Camaro needs is an air-scoop in the hood to complete the “muscle” look. You know, to scoop all those spare electrons out of the air and run them through an electron- turbo-charger to amp up your electric motor. And tag on a fancy chromed and tuned negative-ion-exhaust pipe in the back – no – make them dual! That will make it sell like hot cakes.

Subcontract Jaguar to create the deep bass engine-rumble-sound you have the complete muscle package.

Oh god, kill them with fire. Making an electric muscle car is fine, but the CUV versions look horrendous.

Nailed it.

It’s like they have run out of new ideas.

This rendering isn’t from GM.

I wouldn’t be so brimming for crossovers, if I were you man… They’re becoming a scourge.

These are names associated with horsepower, not kilowatts. These are names associated with loud and crazy, not quiet and environmentally friendly. If they wanna make a performance SUV, they can make one. Don’t pretend it’s a Mustang or Camaro though. That just goes against everything those cars represent.

note: this isn’t exactly an issue with them being electric, it’s more of an issue of the CUV part of things. Mustangs and Camaros are for drag strips and fooling around, not driving your 6 kids to soccer practice leisurely and quietly.

Why didn’t you fix the high belt-line. Looks like a missed opportunity…

I’ll believe it when it’s available for sale in Pennsylvania.