BYD New Energy Vehicle Sales Exceeded 240,000 In 2018

JAN 12 2019 BY GASGOO 15

Up, up and away.

China-based automaker BYD Company Limited (BYD) sold a total of 520,687 vehicles in 2018, achieving a year-on-year jump of 25%. Of that, its sales in December were 69,637 units, jumping 36.6% over a month ago, according to an official sales report released on January 7.

In December last year, BYD’s NEV sales soared 55.1% month on month (MoM) to 46,650 units. In the meantime, its full-year NEV sales aggressively surged 118% from the year-ago period to 247,811 units, which is far beyond the original 200,000-unit sales goal. To be specific, the annual sales of new energy PVs totaled 227,152 units, of which 103,263 units were all-electric vehicles and 123,889 units were plug-in hybrid vehicles. In addition, 20,659 new energy CVs were sold throughout 2018.

According to the sales data released by China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), the BYD Yuan EV and the BYD e5 have long included the top 5 all-electric models by monthly sales. Besides, the BYD Tang and Qin are also regulars entering the top 3 list of plug-in PV models in terms of monthly sales—no wonder the automaker gained such big progress in NEV sales.

BYD’s fuel-burning vehicle sales aggregated 272,876 units in the past 2018. The MPV sales were 141,068 units, accounting for 51.7% of total sales of vehicles with combustion engine. The sales of sedans and SUVs reached 59,161 units and 72,647 units respectively.

Besides, BYD said the full-year installed energy capacity of NEV power batteries and energy storage batteries totaled around 13.373GWh.

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What, BYD sold 46,650 in Dec and 247,811 in 2018. That’s a massive amount and probably they have come very close to Tesla.
In the 1st 11 months of 2018
Tesla sold 204,885 vehicles and
BYD sold 192,437 vehicles which left Tesla with lead of 12,438 vehicles.
But 192,437 + 46,650 adds to only 239,087 vehicles, how did they get 247,811. Did they include the heavy vehicles like buses & trucks which comes under a different category.

Now we know that Tesla sold 32,600 vehicles in USA last month. This raises Tesla’s tally to 237,000 +. They need to sell another 10,000+ in rest of the World to retain their #1 title. Or there is something wrong with the #.

So China’s NEV sales should have hit a new high. Anxious to see it.

The only problem might be definition. NEV includes PHEV and BEV where Tesla only makes BEVs. If you only count BEVs, Tesla more than doubled BYD’s production.

And it seems that Tesla delivered over 245k in 2018.

BYD’s 247k includes 20k commercial vehicles. Mostly buses, but 7k “other”. Tesla was 245k. Tesla is all car, all BEV, so each can claim leadership by using different definitions.

So in 2018 they were the largest EV manufacturere once again. That is the 3rd year in a row. Impressive

and their STOCK is falling just continuously….(WHY????) appreciate good advices!

Reduction of subsidies once again in 2019. Profitability is a question.

China economic slowdown.

Tesla sold 245,240 in 2018. I think BYD’s sales include heavy vehicles, if we exclude then they are #2.
But then many of BYD’s vehicles are plugins. So ultimately in terms of distance traveled by motor, Tesla is way ahead of the anyone.

yes, the New Energy Vehicle Sales contain passenger car and commercial vehicles ! there are about 12k eBus and the other commercial vehicles are electric truck!

As reported, 20,659 commercial vehicles, then, overall BYD was the top plug-in manufacturer, but Tesla led in plug-in passenger car sales.

Distance traveled by motor? What does this mean? Average range or actual distance traveled by year? I am sure the gigantic BYD busses fleet travelled quite a bit compare to the average Tesla family car, with a much larger carbon offset. Also why would you exclude full electric busses? Count it as you want, it’s not surprising that the biggest EV manufacturer is already or will be from China very soon.

All of Teslas vehicles are plugins. You seem very confused about what a plugin is, this is not the first time you make this mistake.

A plugin is a vehicle that plugs in, something all BEVs and all PHEVs do today. If you want to say PHEV then use the word PHEV or plugin hybrid.

It isn’t that hard…

Tesla needs MY in production.

BYD plans to sell more than 400,000 Plug-Ins in 2019.

well done… ,congratulation to MY FRIENDS of BYD