12 Ultra-Fast Charging Electric Buses For Geneva in 2017

SEP 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

TOSA roof

TOSA roof

The extra-long TOSA electric bus prototype in Geneva, Switzerland has appealed to decision-makers as they now intend to order 12 units.

Tests of TOSA began in mid-2013, with these twelve new buses all possibly entering service in 2017.

Developed by ABB, ultra-fast (or flash) charging system needs just 15 seconds to recharge part of energy to get to the next stop. Charging power is 400 kW.

However, 15 seconds is still not enough for a full charge, so at the end of the route they will charge for up to 300 seconds (5 minutes).


TOSA connecting to charging bay

TOSA connecting to charging bay

Source: L’Avere-France

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But… but… hydrogen fills up in ten minutes!*

*If no other users have filled recently, from a million-dollar pump, which is silently corroding itself.

thats nice and all… but we’re waiting to hear about the model x launch!

Hm… 400kW for 15 seconds is like 1,7kWh – right? 400kW for 5 minutes is like 33kWh. I take that for the new Leaf 🙂

but is your LEAF designed to take such a surge in 15 seconds? It would melt 😛

Anyone to predict a date when we’ll see 1 MW-fast charging for busses and trucks?

No, but it should be possible. I think we might see such charging speeds for electric ferries before anything else.

2013…. 🙂

It’s been done by Eaton, Hybricon and the city of Nigbo.
And if you look hard you can probably find another company or two.