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Tesla Model 3

The Long-Term Case For The Tesla Model 3

Baird looks at the long-term case for the Tesla Model 3, and despite skeptics’ forecasts based on early issues, the Model 3, as well as the automaker’s future look very positive. Yes, Tesla has had a plethora of issues with Model 3 production, and this is nothing new for the…

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Tesla Model 3

Morgan Stanley Publishes Its Predictions For Tesla In 2018

MORGAN STANLEY PREDICTS 2018 OUTLOOK FOR TESLA What will happen with Tesla is 2018? According to Investopedia, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas predicts that “Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] could jump 70% on Model 3 success.” Jonas forecasts that the Model 3 could generate “very strong levels of free cash flow,” de-stressing its balance sheet. Jonas…

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Tesla Model 3

Here’s A Brief Look At Tesla’s 2017 Accomplishments

TOP TESLA MILESTONES FOR 2017 Whatever else 2017 may have been, it was a watershed year for electric vehicles, and especially for Tesla. Plug In America’s 2017 Top Ten Electric Car Milestones listed several events of great symbolic significance, such as the declarations by China, India, Germany, France, Britain, Norway, and the Netherlands (nearly…

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Tesla Model X

Some Say Tesla Is Destined To Follow In Amazon’s Footsteps

TESLA COULD DO FOR CARS WHAT AMAZON DID TO RETAIL Billionaire investor Ron Baron, recently raised some eyebrows when he predicted Tesla stock could hit $1,000 by 2020. Last week, Marketwatch reported that, “Ron Baron and his team of fund managers come off as button-down personalities. Not a bad trait for the…

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Tesla Model S

EVTV: Jack Rickard Says Tesla Stock Will Hit $950

EVTV: HERE’S WHY TESLA’S STOCK IS GOING TO $950 [VIDEO] Do the analysts on Wall Street really know how to properly evaluate Tesla? Sure, we’ve received some helpful guidance from Gene Munster, Ben Kallo, and the ever-mercurial Adam Jonas. But most analysts have completely missed the boat. What if someone who custom-builds electric vehicles, takes apart battery…

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