The pickup version of the GMC Hummer EV is here, just over a year after it was first revealed. Production commenced 2 weeks ago at GM’s new Factory ZERO in Detroit, Michigan. MotorTrend recently got the chance to check out the final production vehicle, running through its pros and cons.

Reviewer Alex Kiersten immediately noted the Hummer’s sheer power and speed. Despite the truck’s crazy weight and size, its stupidly quick. 0-60 mph takes just 3 seconds – which is around the same as a McLaren Artura supercar (for reference, one Hummer EV weighs almost as much as three Arturas). Launching the Hummer EV will result in a guaranteed smile and never gets old.

However, in terms of practicality and trucking capabilities the Hummer EV isn’t as good as some of the competition. It can ‘only’ pull up to 7,500 pounds which is far less than what its rivals from Ford and Rivian can handle. But, chances are if you’re dropping $112,595 on a Hummer EV Edition 1 ‘Supertruck’ you won’t be using it for work purposes. Maybe you’ll need it to tow your speedboat to your local lake on a weekend, but (at least for the average owner) towing capabilities are pretty irrelevant. That’s because, much like the infamous Hummer H2, the GMC Hummer EV is clearly a status symbol – not a workhorse.

That said, affluent consumers may be put off by the cheap interior materials MotorTrend noticed. Equally, there’s a lot of road noise whilst driving at high speeds. Then there’s the brakes – are they really adequate for a 1,000 horsepower, 4.5 ton moving fortress? MotorTrend aren’t convinced.

So, as a truck the Hummer EV leaves a bit to be desired. But, as a 1,000 hp “look at me!” status symbol that will annihilate supercars a fraction of its weight it does the job. It will be very interesting to see how the cheaper, less powerful versions perform when they arrive in the coming years – as well as the SUV version.

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