The Tesla Model S Plaid arrived to rave reviews, though mostly due to its otherwordly acceleration. Sure, many reviewers have also noted that it has a much nicer interior than the outgoing model, new tech, state-of-the-art features, plenty of range, and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, the refreshed Tesla Model S Long Range hasn't received much attention, and it's not because it's a slow car. The Long Range version can rocket to 60 mph in about 3 seconds, which is quicker acceleration than most cars, and more than anyone really ever needs. Moreover, the Long Range model has all of the other aforementioned qualities and updates. The only major difference here is it will save you about $45,000, and, of course, it has more range.

We completely understand why some folks just must have the Model S Plaid. C'mon, it's the quickest production car ever built, and it's really a status symbol for hardcore Tesla fans and owners. However, it carries a starting price of $129,990. That's cheap compared to most other cars that can accelerate nearly as quickly as the Plaid, but it's still a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the new Tesla Model S Long Range starts at just $84,990. Still, expensive for most people's budgets and tastes, but this Model S offers arguably the best value in Tesla's lineup. You could buy the Long Range and add every feature Tesla offers, and the car would still come in around $100K. Or, you could stick with a Plaid with white paint, 19-inch wheels, a black interior, and no Full Self-Driving Beta package.

Which should you choose, and why? To us, the answer seems quite obvious, but to each his/her own. We'll leave it to popular YouTube influencer Jon Rettinger to show you precisely how these two versions of the new Model S compare. Perhaps he knows something we don't? Rettinger writes:

"The 2021 Model S Plaid is grabbing all of the headlines right now, but what about the Long Range version, which costs approximately $45k less? Well, that's exactly what we're testing in today's video! Let's find out if it's any good."

Check out the video and then head down to the comment section and let us know which Model S you'd choose.

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