The CNCT cooler is a hard cooler that's designed to fit snugly in the trunk of a Tesla Model 3. We received one on loan a few months ago to use and then decide if we'd like to let our readers know about it. We love it, which is why we decided to recommend it to the InsideEVs community. 

While CNCT markets it as "custom-designed for the trunk well of your Model 3", it also fits the trunk well and the frunk of a Tesla Model Y, however, not quite as snugly. The cooler won't fit in the frunk of a Model 3, though, as the frunk well isn't quite deep enough to allow the hood to close with the cooler in place. 

The CNCT cooler was created for you, your travels, and your Tesla. - CNCT Coolers website

The CNCT Cooler is the only hard cooler designed specifically for the Model 3. There are soft coolers made for the trunk and even the frunk of the Model 3, but no other hard cooler. 

CNCT Trunk Cooler for Model 3

The cooler can store up to 17 liters of product, including 24 beverage cans or up to 16 standard-size bottles, and still have enough room for ice. It's designed with thermal insulation that's denser than industry standards, effectively sealing in cold and blocking out heat. 

CNCT claims that the cooler will keep the contents cold for up to 48 hours. I haven't tested out for that long, but I have checked the cooler the day after using it and 24 hours later the ice inside had remained frozen. 

CNCT Trunk Cooler for Model 3

The CNCT cooler is designed and manufactured in the USA and retails for $349.00. However, for a limited time, we were able to get the InsideEVs community a $50.00 discount. To receive the discount, enter the discount code IEV50 upon checkout. The cooler also ships free to residents in the US and Canada and the order lead time is 1 to 3 weeks.

So check out the video and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Also, do you like these Tesla accessory product reviews? If so, what else would you like us to check out and possibly review? 

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