Peugeot currently offers some of the most compelling small electric vehicles in Europe, in the form of its e-208 and e-2008, but even though they are very capable, some people may be put off by the way they look (particularly on the inside). For those people, Opel/Vauxhall has the answer in the form of the Corsa-e or, if they’re looking for a crossover, the new Mokka-e - they are essentially the same car underneath as the Peugeots.

And while the Corsa-e has been out for a while and already on sale, the much more rakish looking Mokka-e crossover is still not available yet. We’ve known what it looks like for a while now, but journalists had not been allowed to get near it, until now.

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The Fully Charged Show checked it out and created this static preview video. No, they still weren’t allowed to drive the vehicle yet, but this is our best look at the battery-powered crossover. Firstly, it has to be said that it looks a lot bolder form the outside compared to the Corsa e hatchback, although it’s still not quite as daring as the two aforementioned Peugeots.

The interior is far more conventional than in the French cars, though, and this will surely win over those buyers who checked out the Peugeots, but ended up not buying them purely because of the weird interior. In terms of specs, the Mokka-e will have the same 50 kWh battery pack, 136 horsepower and very similar performance and range to the e-2008 (which is rated at 206 miles / 331 km WLTP).

Expect to see the Opel/Vauxhall Mokka-e hit European showrooms early next year with a price tag of just over €30,000 (exactly €32,900 in Germany, where, for reference, the e-2008 starts at €34,361).

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