Tesla leads the way when it comes to electric cars, but why is that? There are really a ton of reasons why Tesla is ahead of the pack, but here we present 5 advantages Tesla has over the competition as detailed by Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

In a lengthy blog post, Ferrel lays out the 5 advantages, which we've summed up below in the abbreviated form.


...one of the biggest under-the-hood advantages, pun intended, that Tesla has is their motor design. No other company has an electric motor on the market that comes close to the performance/price ratio of the Tesla Model 3’s permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor. 


This is one area where Tesla has had a significant lead for some time. And not just in the battery pack design itself, but also the cell chemistry and performance, as well as production capacity needed to build EVs at scale.


As of right now, Tesla has over 14,000 Superchargers at 1,600 Supercharger stations around the world... and they’re not slowing down adding more. And these are fast-charging stations where you can usually get most of the charge you need in about 30 minutes.


Tesla has been on the path to full autonomous driving for some time now Tesla has designed and built their own custom full self-driving computer, which is now shipping in cars they’re making today.


And the final advantage that I’d call out is Elon himself. This one could be viewed as a double-edged sword, but I think it’s far more of a pro than a con. Having a charismatic and visionary CEO leading a company can not only push the company to achieve great things, but it helps to get more attention and mindshare from the public. Elon’s tweets, good and bad, get a lot of media attention, which is free publicity for the company. When Elon speaks, people pay attention

Video description via Undecided With Matt Ferrell on YouTube:

Tesla vs Competitors - 5 Advantages. There are 5 big advantages that I think set Tesla far, far apart from the pack.

What are they? And will Tesla be able to hold onto its lead into the future?


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