This morning, I had to double-check whether the InsideEVs CMS was working properly. That's because when I went to edit a story about the new electric 2025 Ford Capri, I was convinced that I was looking at a Polestar 2 instead. 

Evidently, our CMS is working just fine today; nothing was wrong with the images we were trying to publish. And the Capri actually looks very good! I'm especially a fan of that very striking orange color that Ford chose for so many of the initial publicity photos.

It's just that, yes, the damn thing does look like a Polestar 2. I'm not crazy, and neither are you for thinking the same. 

In fact, even Polestar's CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, felt compelled to throw some shade at Ford in the most modern way possible: his Instagram story. Ingenlath posted the following image earlier today.

Not bad. Corporate shade is one of my favorite kinds of shade.

What's especially funny is that in addition to being a tall sedan with almost crossover-like ride height and a steep, coupe-like rear end, the Capri has nearly identical dimensions to the Polestar 2 as well. The Capri has a wheelbase that's two inches longer and the whole package is four inches taller overall, but otherwise, they're pretty close to one another. (Since it rides on Volkswagen's MEB electric platform, it's also not surprising that the Capri is nearly identical in shape and size to the VW ID.5, although I'd wager both look better than that car.)

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So how did this happen exactly? I'm reluctant to call it a complete coincidence, but when you think of what car designers have to do now to sell four-door cars, it kind of makes sense. The sedan segment has been in decline globally for years as people flock to crossovers and SUVs, so automakers have to do more "interesting" things to keep them around—like making them taller and more SUV-like. Add in the general shape of the original Capri—which was a two-door coupe, another type of car that barely exists anymore—and you get something that ends up looking a lot like a Polestar. 

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What's that saying about imitation and flattery again? Either way, fans of tall sedans now have one more option to choose from, provided they're in Europe, anyway. Along with the also-Volkswagen-based new Ford Explorer, that region is going to be the new Capri's remit. I look forward to its inevitable showdown with the P2. 

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