Kia America reported 65,929 vehicle sales in the United States in June, down 6.5% year-over-year. However, in the all-electric car segment, all signs were lit green as sales surged again.

In June, Kia's all-electric car sales exceeded 5,000 units for the third consecutive time, reaching 5,738 units, according to InsideEVs's calculations. That's a 125% sales increase year-over-year. EVs represented 8.7% of the brand's total volume in the U.S.

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Kia doubled EV sales in H1 2024

Right from the start of the year, Kia has become one of the quickest-growing brands in terms of all-electric car sales in the U.S. The company achieved a record first half of the year, more than doubling the volume year-over-year.

The data consists of 2,171 Kia EV6s, up 49% year-over-year; 1,905 Kia EV9s (a new model), as well as 1,662 Niro EVs, up 52% year-over-year.

Kia does not break out Niro EV sales from its gas-powered counterpart. But we can calculate the number as a difference between the total for the first half of the year and the official data for the previous periods.

More on Kia's BEV sales in June (YOY change):

  • Kia EV6: 2,171 (up 49%)
  • Kia EV9: 1,905 (new)
  • Kia Niro EV: 1,662 (up 52%)
  • Total: 5,738 (up 125%) and 8.7% share

Kia E-GMP BEV Sales in the U.S. – June 2024

During the second quarter of 2024, Kia's all-electric car sales in the U.S. amounted to a new record of 17,980 units, up 131% more than a year ago. The previous best quarter was Q1 of 2024 with 11,412, so this past quarter's gains were certainly impressive.

Kia BEV sales in Q2'2024 (YOY change):

  • Kia EV6: 6,882 (up 39%)
  • Kia EV9: 5,664 (new)
  • Kia Niro EV: 5,434 (up 91%)
  • Total: 17,980 (up 131%) and 8.7% share

So far this year, Kia has sold 29,392 all-electric cars in the U.S., including over 20,600 E-GMP-based models in the EV6 and EV9. That's more than twice as many as a year ago and a new record.

Kia BEV sales year-to-date (YOY change):

  • Kia EV6: 10,941 (up 31%)
  • Kia EV9: 9,671 (new)
  • Kia Niro EV: 8,780 (up 59%)
  • Total: 29,392 (up 112%) and 7.6% share

For reference, during the 12 months of 2023, Kia sold over 32,000 all-electric cars in the U.S., about 4.1% of the brand's total volume.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report sales of other plug-in models, as they are counted together with conventional or hybrid versions.

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