Lucid Motors’ third passenger model, known internally as “Project Midsize,” will likely be called “Earth,” according to a U.S. trademark application that recently unearthed.

The Lucid Earth is slated to go into production in 2026 as the American startup’s most affordable model. At around $48,000, the midsize crossover will follow in the footsteps of its larger and much more expensive siblings, the Air sedan and the upcoming Gravity SUV.

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Cheap by Lucid standards

The cheapest car sold by Lucid today is the Air sedan in Pure trim, which starts at $69,900 in the United States. However, the same Air sedan can carry an MSRP of up to $249,000 when specced in Sapphire trim. In other words, the company's upcoming mid-size model will be comparatively cheap at around $48,000.

The size and price would put Lucid’s new EV in direct competition with the wildly popular Tesla Model Y. However, by the time the Earth goes on sale two years from now, Tesla’s entry-level crossover might go through a refresh similar to the Model 3.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) lists no fewer than three trademarks that were submitted at the end of January and are related to the name of Lucid’s most affordable EV: “Earth,” “Lucid Earth” and “Earth Dream Edition.”

The Dream Edition is also a part of the Air sedan’s trim selection, sitting just below the top-spec Sapphire in terms of pricing. This leads us to believe that the yet-to-be-revealed Lucid Earth will have similar versions as the Air.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what Lucid’s midsize crossover will look like or what it will be capable of, performance-wise. Still, if we look at the company’s current model–the Air–we’d argue the California-based startup will have a winning formula on its hands. If priced correctly and with just the right amount of power and luxury inside, the Lucid Earth could finally turn a profit for its maker.

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