Today’s electric bicycles are so much more than just bikes with motors strapped onto them. E-Bikes are becoming more and more popular, and it’s not just because of their practicality. Tech geeks and enthusiasts also gravitate to them because of the technology they bring to the table. These days, we’re seeing e-bikes that pretty much blur the line between mobility and IoT, with AI-powered technology becoming a growing trend in the industry.

Eclair, a French e-bike startup, is the latest to hop on the AI e-bike bandwagon. First opening its doors in 2021, the company is all about sustainability and puts a particular emphasis on sourcing all of its components from France and other neighboring European countries. Its newest creation has yet to be given a name, but we do know it’s going to be rocking a slew of AI-powered tech. It’s similar in essence to the Smalo PX2 e-bike that makes use of AI to learn the rider’s habits and adjust assistance automatically and seamlessly.


As for Eclair, its eponymous e-bike is said to be made out of steel and aluminum, particularly crafted with low carbon emissions. The frame’s geometry is sporty, yet engineered for the rigors of urban commuting. According to Eclair, the e-bike is lightweight, agile, and easy to use – all buzzwords when it comes to commuter e-bikes of today. Nevertheless, it’s in terms of technology that Eclair looks to make a difference.

As I mentioned earlier, this bike flaunts AI-powered tech, particularly when it comes to the way it delivers power. Eclair realizes that no two riders are the same. As such, the AI system in the e-bike learns based on the rider’s habits, and as such, delivers assistance in such a way that’s tailored to the rider, terrain, and other parameters. The system is essentially able to predict what the rider needs, eliminating the need to switch between ride modes. The smart system will also provide maximum power during starts for an easier launch. The goal is to provide the most seamless and natural experience possible.

French Startup Eclair Is Developing An AI-Powered E-Bike

This technology was made possible thanks to a partnership with eBikeLabs for the bike’s eBike OS application. Another key feature of this setup is that the rider’s smartphone is used as a control screen, eliminating the need for a display on the top tube or handlebars. While all this is cool, the Eclair commuter e-bike is currently still under development, and the company is expected to reveal more detailed specs, features, and pricing in the months to come.

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