Electric bicycles are taking the world of two wheels by storm. Unsurprisingly, slapping an electric motor onto a bike frame unlocks quite a lot of potential, especially when it comes to urban mobility. Apart from these practical applications, electric mountain bikes have proven to be tons of fun, too, as electrifying these off-roaders gives riders the chance to save their energy to enjoy the downhill sections, while tackling climbs with ease.

Naturally, an e-bike’s battery and motor weigh quite a bit, and thanks to the additional power being sent to the ground (up to 90 Newton-meters on some high-performance models), it goes without saying that e-bikes are subject to quite a lot of stress – more so than a standard bicycle. As such, we’re starting to see lots of mainstream bike parts specialists develop components specifically for use on high-performance electric bicycles.

DT Swiss Unveils Heavy-Duty Hybrid Hubs Specifically For E-MTBs

Take, for example, DT Swiss, and its new Hybrid hubs designed specifically for electric mountain bikes. According to the brand, these new 240 and 350 Hybrid hubs are built specifically to handle the increased forces generated by e-MTBs, by focusing on durability and rigidity.

The design features enlarged flanges and a more dura le hub shell meant to improve stiffness, reducing flex when pedaling under heavy load. Both of the new hubs are designed to work with DT Swiss 2.34-millimeter spokes, and are said to offer better resistance to acceleration and braking forces. The 240 ahh rid hub makes use of DT Swiss’ Ratchet EXP OS freehub body that’s equipped with larger, heavier duty bearings. This setup reduces axle movement and improves bearing durability, ensuring a solid transfer of power between the motor, rear wheel, and terrain. Meanwhile, the 350 Hybrid makes use of a standard ratchet system.

DT Swiss Unveils Heavy-Duty Hybrid Hubs Specifically For E-MTBs
DT Swiss Unveils Heavy-Duty Hybrid Hubs Specifically For E-MTBs

As for the axle housed within the hubs, both the 240 and 350 receive a beefier axle design ensuring durability and resistance to bending forces when braking, accelerating, and tackling rugged terrain. Despite all this enhanced durability, DT Swiss has managed to keep the hubs rather lightweight. The 240 Hybrid weighs in at 156 grams for the front hub and 290 grams for the rear hub. Meanwhile, the 350 Hybrid tips. The scales at 174 grams up front and 302 grams at the rear. Both models are offered in various hole options and are compatible with both Center Lock or six-bolt rotor variants, allowing a nearly universal application to electric mountain bikes.

That being said, all this technology comes at quite a hefty price. The 240 Hybrid hub carries a premium price tag of $459.90 for the rear and $242.90 for the front. The slightly more affordable 350 Hybrid is still thoroughly premium at $297.90 for the rear and $116.90 for the front.

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