Brooklyn-based Civilized Cycles is all about transforming urban mobility to meet the ever-changing needs of commuters. Back in 2020, the brand released the Model 1, a low-step electric bike with a unique expandable luggage solution. With expandable panniers on either side, users had a lot of flexibility when it came to hauling things around. Now, Civilized Cycles is looking to level up when it comes to utility with its new Semi-Trike.

Electric cargo bikes have long been touted as viable replacements to cars on daily commutes – but what about trucks? Well, this is exactly what the Semi-Trike hopes to do. As its name suggests, it draws inspiration from the huge semi-trucks we so often see plying the interstate, and is meant to raise the bar when it comes to what an e-bike can haul. Despite still being in its early stages, the Semi-Trike project clearly holds a lot of potential, specifically in the commercial side of things.

Could The Semi-Trike Be The Ultimate Urban Cargo Hauler?

Delivering goods within the confines of the urban setting can be quite a struggle, and providing a solution that can easily squeeze in and out of traffic will surely cut delivery times by a huge margin. The Semi-Trike follows the same formula we find in semi-trucks. Up front, a three-wheeled e-bike pulls a trailer that can be configured in multiple ways. With a payload capacity of 750 pounds, riders now have the option to haul either a lot of small things, or a few really big things (think furniture, appliances, and equipment).

The initial rendering shows a three-wheeled “tractor” complete with a canopy to protect the rider from the elements. It comes with a comfy saddle with a backrest, and even has adjustable pedals and handlebars to ensure ergonomic efficiency for the rider. Up front, the trike gets a suspension fork and a 20-inch wheel shod in a four-inch wide fat tire. At the rear, power is sent to the ground by two eight-inch wheels powered by an axle-mounted motor. Bringing things to a stop is a set of hydraulic brakes, and a hand-actuated rear disc.

On the technology side of things, the Semi-Trike is expected to be offered in three variants – an Economy model with a 1,200-watt axle motor and chainless drive, a Standard version with a dual-motor setup complete with a chain and virtual gearbox, and a Commercial option that features a Valeo/Heinzmann hub motor. Across the board, it’s expected that the Semi-Trike will feature UL-certified batteries in order to comply with regulations pertaining to battery safety in cities like New York.

As for the trailer, it’ll be fitted with auto-self-leveling air suspension, a custom axle with zero-roll trailing arms, and electric drum brakes to confidently bring the entire thing to a stop. It rolls on similar eight-inch wheels as the back wheels of the trike, and will be highly configurable to meet the needs of various businesses and individuals. Civilized Cycles makes mention of accessories such as refrigerated cargo storage, multiple compartments, and other setups.

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