As electric bikes transform the way people around the city move, more and more models are hitting the market from both new and established manufacturers. Bird is a brand that’s been around for some time now, and has recently announced its new models boasting fresh, new styling. Previously, the brand’s bikes were criticized for resembling those of now-defunct VanMoof’s models, but now, the new bikes have taken a form of their own.

With VanMoof pretty much out of the picture for now, it seems that Bird didn’t want any association with the bad juju surrounding VanMoof’s bankruptcy. With that, Bird presented its newest models at the MicroMobility America trade show. The new e-bikes revolve around two platforms – the A frame and the V frame – and are designed primarily for urban mobility, like most e-bikes these days are. The bikes feature a lightweight aluminum frame, and respectable components from well-known bicycle OEMs.

Bird Reinvents Itself With New Urban-Focused E-Bikes

For starters, it keeps things simple with a Shimano seven-speed drivetrain. Upon checking the brand’s website in partnership with TradeHubb (linked below) it also appears that the new bikes are to be offered with a belt drive system, although pricing and specs for this version have yet to be announced. On the performance side of things, the new bikes are powered by a 500-watt rear hub motor, which is supplied by a 48-volt, 10.5-ampere-hour battery pack promising 50 miles of range on a single charge. To make things even better, the new bikes are UL 2859 and UL 2771-certified for added peace of mind that the battery and drivetrain have been built to industry standards.

Bird Reinvents Itself With New Urban-Focused E-Bikes

According to Bird, the new bikes are also fitted with a bunch of tech to aid in safety and security. For example, the bikes get a 120-decibel alarm system, as well as location tracking. Meanwhile, safety features include hydraulic disc brakes and built-in lighting on the front and back. Lastly, the bikes are equipped with bright LCD displays to help riders keep tabs of pertinent data on their journeys.

As of this writing, Bird has yet to unveil the specifics when it comes to their new e-bikes. What we do know, however, is that the bikes are expected to be made available by Spring 2024 at Bird Bike’s dealers, and will carry a starting price of no more than $1,299 USD.

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