Nukeproof stands as a prominent figure in the mountain bike industry, known for its playful character that mirrors the carefree spirit of mountain biking enthusiasts. Nukeproof boasts an array of impressive models with both electric and traditional non-electric bikes. The brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation, particularly in the realm of e-MTBs, as it has just pulled the covers off its newest model: the Megawatt Carbon.

In Nukeproof's 2024 catalog, you'll find the Megawatt Carbon electric mountain bike, a standout model for several reasons. Firstly, it's among the first bikes to feature the all-new Sram Eagle Powertrain, a groundbreaking e-bike system we did a deep dive into in a previous story. If you would recall, the Eagle Powertrain comes complete with automatic gear change functionality, integrating motor and drivetrain control into the system. This integration of the Sram Eagle Powertrain is a key highlight of the Megawatt Carbon, marking a first for Nukeproof.

Nukeproof Debuts Megawatt Carbon E-MTB Rocking New Sram Powertrain

The Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon is purpose-built for the rigorous demands of enduro riding, with a notable track record in competitive events. In the past, it relied on Shimano EP8 motorization, but it has now transitioned to the Sram system, boasting a powerful Brose motor rated at 90 Nm (5 Nm more than its predecessor) of torque. This model offers two variants: the Pro and RS, both featuring lightweight carbon fiber frames. To enhance stability and balance, the battery is cleverly integrated into the downtube of the carbon frame.

The Megawatt Carbon boasts advanced RockShox suspension components with 170 mm travel at the front and a Vivid Select+ rear suspension for a smooth ride. It offers Sram GX AXS 12-speed drivetrain in the Pro version and a Sram X0 in the RS variant, with manual shifting controls. Additionally, Nukeproof equips the bike with in-house carbon components, including the stem, handlebars, seat post, and bottle cage, in keeping with the bike’s carbon-centric design.

Nukeproof Debuts Megawatt Carbon E-MTB Rocking New Sram Powertrain

The Megawatt Carbon offers pricing options beginning at $9,899 USD for the Carbon Pro and $10,899 USD for the Carbon RS. It comes in five sizes, ranging from M to XXL, to accommodate various riders. The distinctions between the Pro and RS versions lie in factors like tires, fork, and brakes. Notably, this SRAM-powered electric mountain bike will be exclusively available through select brand retailers.

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