Moustache Bikes, an up and coming French e-bike brand, is taking an interesting approach with its newest e-bike. Simply called the J, the bike challenges the norm when it comes to versatility, offering an electric bicycle that seems to be capable of doing it all. This jack-of-all-trades e-bike is further optimized into three models, each of which designed for more specific types of riding. Let’s take a closer look.

Moustache says that the J is designed to “push the limits of gravity casting,” and it’s clear to see this from the bike’s very unique frame design. It’s not very often that we see a mountain bike with a step-through frame, let alone a full-suspension model. Nevertheless, this is exactly what the Moustache J is. Overcoming a seemingly weak point in the middle of the frame through an interestingly shaped frame, the J also boasts a unique suspension setup wherein the linkage is situated just above the bottom bracket. This means that the motor and pedals are part of the bike’s rear end.

French Brand Moustache Bikes Presents The Versatile J E-Bike
French Brand Moustache Bikes Presents The Versatile J E-Bike

Moustache says that this design offers one major benefit – no variation in chain or belt tension regardless of suspension stroke. This results in increased pedaling efficiency as well as better longevity, as derailleurs need not extend and contract depending on the terrain. Moustache also takes pride in the fact that the J can be configured according to personal preferences through its newly launched online bike builder. Through the website, buyers can choose accessories while having a live view of price adjustments as they go along.

There’s one more thing that Moustache takes great pride in, and it’s that most of the bike – including its components, is manufactured in France. According to the brand, the bike’s components are also sourced from French partner companies, including the solvent-free paint used on the models.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the three configurations of the Moustache J. For starters, the J. On, as its name suggests, is designed mostly for on-road use. It’s powered by the Bosch Performance line motor with 75 Newton-meters of torque, and can be outfitted with either a 500-watt-hour or 600-watt-hour battery pack. It’s compatible with the 250-watt-hour PowerMore range-extender, too. Other features include a 100mm SR Suntour Mobie fork, as well as an Enviolo TR CVT with a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

French Brand Moustache Bikes Presents The Versatile J E-Bike

Up next, the Moustache J. All is marketed as an “SUV of the e-bike world.” Moustache doubles down on the versatility here, giving it off-road ready tires, as well as enhanced suspension hardware for more rugged rides. Instead of a belt drive, it’s rocking a more conventional Shimano CUES 11-speed derailleur drivetrain.

Last but not least, the Moustache J. Off is essentially a mountain bike masquerading as a commuter. It’s rocking a 130mm Marzocchi Bomber front fork, as well as MTB-focused Maxxis Rekon tires. Like the J. All, the J. Off is equipped with a Shimano CUES drivetrain, but gets a wide-ratio rear cassette with an 11x50-tooth sprocket. It also gets 29-inch wheels, as against the 27.5-inch wheels of the other two models.

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