As with most things in life, getting into cycling – be it electric or otherwise – can very easily be a rabbit hole. The endless selection of upgrades and accessories mean that there are countless ways for us to configure our two-wheelers. On top of that, buying stuff online can lead to us splurging on stuff we're not even 100-percent sure would suit our bikes. 

German bike-packing specialist Cyclite seems to have come up with a rather innovative solution when it comes to selling its products. By making use of modern technology found in most smartphones, Cyclite has come up with an augmented reality bike configurator on its website. The AR solution is called 3D Bag Fit, and through this interactive feature, you can see if their products actually "fit" your bike. The way it works is really simple, all you need is an AR-capable smartphone, your bike, and good lighting conditions. 

German Bike Accessory Brand Cyclite Rolls Out New AR Configurator

Thanks to this feature, you can now really decide before you buy, making sure that the accessory you're looking at doesn't just fit your bike, but also matches its style. After all, styling and aesthetics have always played a big role in the world of cycling. This is particularly true for high-end electric bicycles with rather complex frame designs. The 3D Bag Fit feature of Cyclite means that you can test in advance whether or not a certain product is applicable to your bike. You can even select various colors available, helping you to dial in your overall design.

German Bike Accessory Brand Cyclite Rolls Out New AR Configurator

Cyclite is a German brand that's best known for its bikepacking gear and equipment. A quick trip to the brand's website reveals a wide selection of products designed specifically to make your rides more convenient. Be it for daily commuting, long-distance touring, and even full-on bikepacking adventures, Cyclite more than likely has a solution for you. As far as I can tell, Cyclite is the first bike accessory manufacturer to roll out an AR solution for virtually "test fitting" its products. Needless to say, it's a very interesting concept, and something other brands could certainly consider in the future. 

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