Texas-based low speed EV manufacturer Ayro has announced that its Vanish utility low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) has successfully completed initial homologation in both the United States and Canada.

The Ayro Vanish has demonstrated compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 500, FMVSS 111, FMVSS 141, Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ("CMVSS") 500 and SAE J2358. This milestone brings the Ayro Vanish closer to the start of production. 

"These tests are essential to ensure vehicles meet rigorous safety requirements and comply with our national governing bodies. Now that our award-winning Vanish has passed these tests for design, safety, and performance, we are one step closer to delivering vehicles to our customers and dealers," said Tom Wittenschlaeger, CEO of Ayro.

The Ayro Vanish is a 155-inches long utility LSEV with a lightweight architecture that limits vehicle weight and maximizes payload. The small electric truck comes in highly adaptable configurations and is designed as a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles typically used in commercial fleets. 

The vehicle entered homologation in May 2023, and is also currently being tested for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certification.

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The Ayro Vanish can carry two people and has a maximum paylod capacity of 1,800 pounds for the non-street-legal variant and 1,200 lbs for the street-legal model.

There are three different configurations – a flatbed, a pickup bed, and a van box – and the cool thing about them is they're swappable. Mind you, since the Vanish is classified as an LSEV, the top speed for the road-legal version is 25 miles per hour, while the non-street-legal version is limited to just 20 mph.

Ayro says the Vanish offers a range "greater than 50 miles" on a full charge, thanks to a lithium-ion battery pack that powers an axial flux electric motor. The company hasn't provided specifications for the battery and the motor yet. As for charging, it can accept power from a 110-volt 20-amp outlet and is also configured for J1772 charging.

Despite its size and the fact it has a very low top speed, the Ayro Vanish starts at $33,900, It also lacks basic standard equipment like air conditioning, rearview camera, a digital instrument cluster, and Bluetooth connectivity – all are optional extras. It does feature regenerative braking and hill descent control as standard, though.

Ayro says the Vanish addresses a market that falls between full size trucks and golf and utility carts. Compact enough to navigate narrow pathways and double doors, the LSEV is designed to support campus mobility, last-mile delivery, and micro distribution. The company plans to build the Vanish at its facility in Round Rock, Texas.

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