With the introduction of more and more sophisticated drive systems optimized for e-bike performance, we're starting to see more and more e-bikes move away from conventional derailleur gear systems. A good example of this is the new Pinion E1.12 system, which integrates the motor and gearbox in one compact housing. 

As early as now, we're starting to see established brands adopt the new technology from Pinion. Take, for example, Austrian bike brand Simplon, who's been around for decades, and is considered a pioneer in the cycling industry. According to a report by German e-bike publication E-Bike News, Simplon will be equipping its next generation of electric bicycles with the new Pinion E1.12 system. More specifically, two models – the Kagu commuter and the Rapcon e-MTB – will get the drive for the 2024 model-year. 

Austrian Brand Simplon To Use Pinion Drives For 2024 E-Bikes

Let's take a look at the commuter-focused Kagu first. Offered in both step-through and step-over frame configurations, the Kagu is accessible to both men and women of all sizes. The all-rounder e-bike is suitable for both road and light off-road use, thanks to the use of chunky tires and optional front suspension. The bike features a carbon fiber frame to keep the weight down. The new Pinion E1.12 is the star attraction here, and provides 12 electronically selected gears which can be shifted even when stationary. Maximum torque of 85 Newton-meters ensures that the bike can confidently climb steep hills. 

Up next, the Simplon Rapcon electric mountain bike has also been announced for 2024. Just like the Kagu, the Rapcon is rocking the new Pinion motor, but this time can be outfitted with an optional gearbox that optimizes torque all the way up to 160 Newton-meters on first gear. This will be particularly useful for those tackling technical climbs on uneven or loose terrain. Furthermore, the bike is available in both long-travel setups, with 170 millemeters of suspension travel, and shorter setups with 150 millimdters of travel. 

Austrian Brand Simplon To Use Pinion Drives For 2024 E-Bikes

Through the brand's proprietary Fit EBike Control app, advanced settings can be adjusted pertaining to the four ride modes. The rider can select between Eco, Fly, Flow, and Flex ride modes on the fly, with Eco providing maximum range, and Fly designed for fast-paced riding. Meanwhile, Flow and Flex are adaptive riding modes which progressively apply pedal assistance depending on the terrain. 

Pricing and availability for the new Simplon bikes equipped with Pinion drive systems have yet to be announced. Although, it's reported that more information on the new models will be made available through Simplon's website (linked below) come October, 2023. 

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