VinFast has had a mixed year of wins and losses. VinFast's VF8 first drive event was faced with an overwhelmingly negative sentiment, and the firm sold an estimated 128 units from February to May 2023. The same year, VinFast made a big splash on the NASDAQ with a listing and a staggering valuation of over $80 billion, over $10 billion more than Volkswagen ($69.7 billion) and BMW ($69.4 billion).

Harnessing the wave it rode up, VinFast has introduced a new advertisement campaign to help bring awareness to its electric crossover, the VF8. Partnering with actor Joey Lawrence, the advertisement shows off a shiny red VF8 cruising by five white EVs (Ford Mustang Mach-E, Polestar 2, and two Tesla Model 3s) and a PHEV (Chevrolet Volt) at a charging station.

The advertisement showcases some of the numerous luxury amenities the VF8 offers. One of them, in particular, is rear ventilated seats, a feature that is not even available in a BMW iX. The VF8 also sports a panoramic opening sunroof, a feature not present in most electric crossovers.

Most central to the advertisement is VinFast's truly incredible warranty. While most automakers offer around a four-year basic warranty, the VinFast VF8 has a ten-year or 125,000-mile basic warranty. But more impressive is the battery warranty. That lasts for ten years, regardless of mileage. As the ad states, an owner can reach one million miles, and the battery pack would still be under warranty.

VinFast's CEO, Madam Thuy Le, said, "The VinFast team has worked tirelessly to bring new and unique EVs to the US markets. Our new U.S. marketing campaign, 'Changing Lanes,' highlights the VF 8's eye-catching design, unparalleled warranty, and long list of premium, smart features that come standard – an exceptional value for EV drivers seeking something different."

Gallery: VinFast VF8 Ad Campaign

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