German bike specialist Coboc is known for its sleek and retro-inspired designs, particularly when it comes to its modern-day e-bike models. We previously talked about the Coboc Vesterbro, a dapper, retro-inspired e-bike that’s perfect for the city. This time around, Coboc has launched the Sydney, an equally practical e-bike, but featuring a slightly more modern design.

Coboc had practicality and versatility in mind when it came to designing the Sydney. Although it may seem like a barebones e-bike in stock form, it can actually be decked out in all sorts of aftermarket goodies designed to elevate its touring capabilities. It’s precisely because of discreet yet practical design innovations like these that Coboc has won the Eurobike Gold Award not once, but twice.

New Coboc Sydney Is A Sleek And Slender Commuter E-Bike

Out of the box, the Coboc Sydney tips the scales at just 14.5 kilograms – very impressive for a commuter e-bike. That being said, that weight will surely increase as you mount accessories such as a luggage rack, mud guards, and other accessories. Nevertheless, the bike retains its lightweight construction thanks to an aluminum frame and a carbon fiber fork.

On the performance side of the equation, the Coboc Sydney is powered by the CBC01 electric motor developed in-house. Equipped with a torque sensor, the motor promises natural pedal feel, tailoring performance to each and every pedal stroke. Furthermore, assist levels can be fine-tuned via the Coboc mobile app, as well as choose between saved driving profiles – a feature that’s perfect for folks who share bikes. As for the battery, the bike integrates a sleek 380-watt-hour battery pack into the downtube promising 75 to 100 kilometers (47 to 62 miles) on a single charge.

Alongside the impressive electronics, the Coboc Sydney incorporates premium bicycle components such as a Sram 11-speed NX drivetrain, as well as hydraulic disc brakes from Riderever. It rolls on Schwalbe G One Allround tires measuring 40 millimeters in width. These tires should make up for the bike’s lack of suspension while providing adequate grip on multiple surfaces. Last but not least, the bike gets a comprehensive lighting system with a Supernova mini headlight and a frame-integrated taillight.

Coboc sells the Sydney electric bike in specialist stores for 3,999 Euros, translating to about $4,350 USD. The bike can also be ordered online via Coboc’s official website linked below.

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