In many ways, modern gravel bikes encapsulate the ethos of the early mountain bikes. They’re essentially road bikes that can be ridden beyond the beaten path – only these days, they’re rocking cutting edge technology such as electronic drivetrains, carbon-fiber frames, and yes, electric motors.

The e-gravel bike segment continues to grow, particularly with a lot of premium options for riders looking to electrify their adventures. One of the newest models comes to us from Italian bike specialist 3T, and it’s called the Ultra Boost. Having nothing to do with the popular sneaker range from Adidas, the Ultra Boost does have everything to do with providing you with an electrified grave riding experience. Designed to be a longer range version of the brand’s Boost gravel e-bike, the Ultra Boost boasts impressive tech and performance. Let’s take a closer look.

Italian Bike Label 3T Unveils The Lightweight Ultra Boost E-Gravel Bike

For starters, 3T has opted for the compact yet potent Mahle X20 drive system for the Ultra Boost. With a maximum torque rating of 55 Newton-meters (38 pound-feet), the X20 promises a confidence-inspiring ride without compromising natural pedal feel. Thanks to the Mahle MySmartBike app, riders can tailor the assistance and power modes to their preferences.

The new 3T Ultra Boost draws power from a Mahle iX350 battery pack offering 350-watt-hours of capacity. It offers a range of up to 150 kilometers – around 94 miles – on a single charge, but this varies greatly on your riding style and terrain. Housed in the carbon fiber frame’s downtube, the slim battery keeps the bike’s athletic silhouette, making it easy to mistake the Ultra Boost as a sleek and aerodynamic non-electric bicycle. Speaking of the frame, it’s capable of housing tire widths up to 61 millimeters, so riders have a wide selection of rubber to choose from.

Without the optional 173-watt-hour battery extender, the 3T Ultra Boost tips the scales at a very impressive 12 kilograms – lighter than some entry-level unassisted road and gravel bikes.This is thanks not only to the carbon frame and lightweight Mahle motor, but also to the featherweight drivetrain and brakes from Sram.

Offered in three variants, the 3T Ultra Boost is by no means a cheap electric bicycle. Each variant is priced at 5,999 Euros, or about $6,531 USD per current exchange rates. The models are differentiated by their configurations, with the bikes being equipped with either 700c or 650b wheels, as well as flat handlebar and dropbar setups. There are also optional carbon-fiber rims for an additional 1,000 Euros.

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