Last July, Taiga Motors kicked off its first rides of its electric personal watercraft (PWC), the Orca. The initial offering from the Canada-based brand was a $26,500 launch edition model called the "Carbon." Staying true to its name, the Carbon featured a shell composed of carbon fiber, minimally saving weight and dramatically enhancing the design.

While the Orca Carbon was an intriguing product, its $26,500 tag was steep, considering that high-end internal combustion PWCs tend to top at around the $15,000 mark. Opting for the Orca over an ICE-powered PWC came with a significant price premium.

However, the Orca was the first electric personal watercraft to reach the market. Like the original $98,000 Tesla Roadster, certain buyers would pay the premium to get the first of its kind. However, the Orca is now becoming significantly more affordable.

As planned at launch, Taiga is now offering the Orca Performance at $19,490. For the propulsion, the Performance and Carbon are the same. With a 24kWh battery pack and 160 horsepower electric motor, the Orca offers around 2 hours of riding on a single charge. Distance-wise, this would be about 27 miles.

Once the battery is depleted, the Orca comes with a 6.6kW onboard charger allowing for a charge time of three and a half hours. For an additional $650, the PWC will ship with an onboard CCS charging port. Equipped with the port, a zero to eighty percent charge time will take just forty minutes.

The Performance model will be followed by a Sport variant, offering a more limited output of 90 horsepower. It will start at $17,490.

The Canadian EV manufacturer is still continuing production of the Carbon model. When opting for it, the fast charge package and different seat and body colors are available without an uncharge.

Gallery: Taiga Orca

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