It's no secret that we like racing electric vehicles here at InsideEVs. Battery-powered cars, trucks, motorcycles – you name it. Even when the vehicles are a bit of a mismatch or conditions are poor, there's always some bit of knowledge you can walk away with.

It makes sense then, that when we got our hands on some electric snowmobiles from Canadian outfit Taiga Motors, we wanted to put them up against another EV for a little competition. And what better benchmark than the Tesla Model 3 in Performance trim? None better. Well, that car, but equipped with Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV tires – a new set of studded winter boots, especially formulated for electric vehicles.

Kyle Conner set up the contest in the Colorado mountains on a snow-covered dirt donkey trail off the beaten and paved path. Unfortunately, even at altitude, spring conditions are setting in, so beneath the fresh powder lay some decidedly unfrozen mud.

Still, the snow must go on, and while the added flair of brown slush being flung from the tires of the Tesla like the worst kind of monkey poo might add drama, it wouldn't help grip. The winner of the contest could be easily prognosticated before the unlikely pair even lined up.

Now, a quick word about these snow machines. Of the three models Taiga offers, two were on-hand: the Nomad Utility and the Ekko Mountain. The Nomad is a sensible machine and the version here – all models are available in both standard or performance configurations - offers 90 horsepower and a 100 km (62-mile) range. The standard-trim Ekko, the one chosen to take on the Model 3, offers 120 horsepower and a 98 km (61-mile-range). It's said to be capable of a 4.1-second zero to 100-kilometer per hour (62-mph) rush.

There's quite a bit to be learned in the video, but mostly it's a great watch, with some added sideways-slewing Model 3 action at the end. So, grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy. Hopefully, the next winter season will give us more time to more properly test the abilities of these machines and those very promising tires.

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