Electric bicycles have proven themselves as viable options for folks looking to ditch their cars on a daily basis, especially for shorter rides around the city. That being said, even the most robust two-wheeled cargo e-bikes have their limitations when it comes to hauling heavy loads, as it can be quite challenging to set off on a ride with a fully loaded cargo bay. On top of that, the fact is that not everyone has the skill required to safely ride a two-wheeler.

Addmotor, a California-based e-bike specialist, seeks to open doors to e-mobility for a wider audience with its newest model, the CityTri E-310. While it’s not a rugged cargo trike, it’s one that’s small, compact and easy to ride in the city. It has comfort in mind, thanks to a cushy seat complete with a backrest, as well as upright ergonomics that ensure a comfortable ride. On top of all that, riders are guaranteed to stay clean thanks to full-coverage fenders. Lastly, when time comes to store the bike, the frame can easily be folded making the bike much more compact and easy to house in the back of a van, or a cozy corner in your garage.

Addmotor Launches The CityTri E-310 Urban Electric Trike

On the performance side of the equation, the CityTri E-310 gets a rear-mounted motor in between the two back wheels. It’s rated at 750 watts continuous, and peaks out at 1,400 watts, ensuring no hill is too steep for the bike to climb. Top speed is a rather zippy 20 miles per hour, so be sure to take extra caution when cornering this thing, as trikes like this don’t typically lean into corners like a bicycle would. As for battery tech, Addmotor relies on a 20-ampere-hour battery pack consisting of Samsung cells, with 960 watt-hours of capacity. The company claims a range of 90 miles per charge.

Addmotor offers the CityTri E-31o in two sizes – one of them is fitted with a 20-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheels, while the smaller version gets an 18-inch front wheel and 16-inch back wheels. For safety, the bike gets disc brakes on each wheel ensuring confident stops, as well as a set of turn signals and LED lights for extra visibility. A bell and a horn are also included to let other road users know of your presence.

Pricing and availability-wise, Addmotor offers the CityTri E-310 in five colorways, and comes with accessories such as a basket, mirrors, and a tire pump as part of the brand’s pre-sale promo. It carries a rather affordable price tag, too, at just $1,999 USD.

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