The Tesla Model S Plaid is always a worthy adversary to any gasoline-powered muscle car or supercar, with its tri-motor setup that sends a whopping 1,020 horsepower to all four wheels.

With this being said, it’s not exactly lightweight, tipping the scales at about 4,745 pounds (2,152 kilograms), so to make it even faster on the drag strip, the easiest way would be to remove everything that’s not needed during racing, which is what the guys from the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel did, albeit turned up to eleven.

First off, they bought a wrecked Plaid for $60,000, which is almost half the price of a new vehicle, and then sort of fixed it by throwing some parts at it and using a tow strap looped around a tree to straighten it out.

A run on the drag strip soon followed, and the black Model S Plaid managed to go down the quarter mile in 9.66 seconds, which is admirable for a stock car. But as you can imagine, a team of people who modified a good old Honda Civic to pump out 1,800 hp to the rear wheels weren’t exactly satisfied by the first result of their EV, so straight it went to the garage, where its extreme diet was set in motion.

Off went the doors, all of the windows except the windshield, rear hatch, roof, carpets, frunk, stock seats, and center and rear pillars, leaving just the original dashboard and yoke steering wheel.

After the weight loss program was completed, the EV was put on the scales again, and the result was a rather impressive 3,850 lbs (1,746 kg), all while retaining the original high-voltage charging infrastructure, so the batteries can still be replenished at a Tesla Supercharger.

A roll cage and racing seat were then added, making the so-called “Cyber Kart” ready for its first drag racing experience, which came in a subsequent video, where the BoostedBoiz ran an 8.83-second quarter mile.

A similar experiment was done on the B is for Build YouTube channel, where a damaged Model 3 Performance was gutted to achieve higher speeds.

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