A low-resolution image of the upcoming all-electric Scout pickup and SUV was embedded in the official Volkswagen Capital Markets Day presentation and shows what the two vehicles might look like when they debut as concepts sometime next year.

Spotted by Scout EV Forum member Golfguy, the grainy photo confirms the boxy side profiles published by the Volkswagen-owned entity last year and adds barely visible details like the triangular shape on the pickup’s rear door window, black moldings on the lower part of the bodywork, and what appears to be a large glass roof.

There’s also a high beltline which adds to the rugged image, and what seems to be a Rivian R1T-like full-width LED light bar at the front. At the same time, there are no visible side mirrors, which leads us to believe that the concept vehicles will probably come with video cameras instead of traditional mirrors.

Scout EV pickup and SUV design preview

Scout EV pickup and SUV design preview

It’s worth noting that it’s still way too early to know for sure what the two electric vehicles will look like when they’re finished, but by the looks of it, they’ll probably be similar to the Ford Bronco, with a simple body shape inspired by the old International Harvester Scout that was built in Indiana throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Volkswagen is serious about this project, hinting at a new all-electric platform that will underpin the new Scout models and investing $2 billion in a new factory in Columbia, South Carolina where the US-centric EVs will be assembled starting in 2026.

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Furthermore, internal engineering will focus on things like ground clearance, approach and departure angles, robust axles, and payload capacity, which suggests the new Scout vehicles won’t just be another drop in the bucket of cars that look like they could perform well off-road but are actually only comfortable driving on smooth, paved surfaces.

Details such as range and power are still unknown, but we could see ratings of around 400 miles on a full charge and a power output of around 300 hp, making Scout competitive against the ICE-powered Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

Price-wise, Scout CEO Scott Keogh confirmed in an interview with TechCrunch that the SUV will cost $40,000 or “just north of there,” which means it will probably be in the same league as Rivian’s upcoming R2-based EVs.

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