Getting an electric bicycle is only half of the experience of actually embracing the e-bike lifestyle. Indeed, electric bicycles are first and foremost designed to be replacements for your car or public transport on a daily basis. However, what these electrified two-wheelers can bring to the table goes so much deeper than that. 

E-bikes are also meant to evoke emotion, open doors to new experiences, and enable you to meet all sorts of cool and wonderful people. Indeed, a lot of e-bike brands hinge on these aspects when developing their models. A good example of this is California-based e-bike brand Super73. Already known for its moto-inspired electric bikes, Super73 has a knack for taking things a step further. We've seen it in its custom board-track racer designed to ride on the Wall of Death, and this time around, we're seeing it in this unique custom build designed to embrace surf culture. 


What better way to do this than to team up with an established name in the surfing game. Based on the Super73 S2, this custom build has been crafted in collaboration with Vissla, a household name in the surfing industry. The custom build is decked out in a unique paint job, custom body work, and even comes with a surfboard hand crafted by French designer Paul Duvignau. As for the homogenous design, the custom build is said to combine both heritage and innovation by embodying the marriage between electric mobility and surf culture. The overall design is based on Vissla's resin logo, and each of the custom parts used in the build were handmade.

As for the Super73 S2, it's the flagship model in the California-based company's lineup. It's packing more than enough juice to put a smile on your face as you ride to hit the waves, and as you ride back home after a thrilling surf session. It's powered by a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts, giving the bike an assisted top speed of up to 28 miles per hour as a Class 3 e-bike. Furthermore, the custom build has been outfitted with 20-inch fat tires from GRZLY to make maneuvering in the sand easier than a walk in the park. 

The collaboration between Super73 and Vissla, as of this writing, seems to be a one-off bike. However, after doing some digging, I've found that you could very easily transform your Super73 S2 into a surf-ready e-bike. Thanks to the brand's vast lineup of accessories, you could build your own surfboard-carrying e-bike. Best of all, it's pretty easy to customize the bike thanks to its simple, minimalist design, so the sky's the limit when it comes to your creativity. 

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