In recent years, a lot of mainstream automotive and motorcycle brands have been venturing into the urban mobility sphere. This isn't all too surprising, because people all over the world are gradually embracing active mobility solutions for getting around in the city. Indeed, the hype is there, and car and motorcycle brands are capitalizing on this. 

We've seen it with Porsche, who previously acquired e-bike systems specialist Fazua, and later on e-bike brand Greyp. Business acquisitions aside, Porsche also has its own selection of top-tier e-bikes which we've talked about in great detail before. Ducati, one of the most prominent motorcycle companies, has also released a wide selection of bikes ranging from commuters to top tier e-MTBs like the E-Enduro Powerstage RR. This time around, yet another popular name in the motorcycle world marks its first foray into the world of urban mobility. 

Those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly those of the off-road variety, will undoubtedly be familiar with GasGas. Now a member of the Pierer Mobility group alongside industry giants like KTM and Husqvarna, GasGas has had a resurgence in the mainstream two-wheeler industry. Apart from remaining competitive in enduro and motocross, the Spanish brand has entered the road racing scene in the MotoGP paddock. All that being said, the newest addition to its repertoire isn't a fire-breathing super bike. Neither is it a powerful and athletic dirt bike. It's an e-bike

Motorcycle Maker GasGas Presents The Moto Urban Electric Bike

Not just any e-bike at that. Yes, GasGas has a selection of high-end, performance-oriented electric mountain bikes, but these don't exactly fit the "urban mobility" narrative. The new Moto, however, does. It's similar in ethos to electric bikes from Super73, but takes on a distinct character of its own. Draped in an unmistakable red livery, the GasGas Moto was inspired by beach bikes often seen riding in the Californian coast. GasGas has, however, given the Moto an urban-inspired twist with inspirations from the world of motorcycles. 

On the performance side of the equation, the GasGas Moto e-bike is equipped with a 750-watt rear hub motor that should be more than enough to provide wheelie-popping thrills. Specific to the U.S. market, the model will get a throttle grip for added fun factor. Over in Europe, meanwhile, the bike will miss out on the throttle feature in order to comply with the stricter rules and regulations surrounding pedal-assist electric bicycles. 

The bike is built around a sturdy steel tubular frame designed to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. The saddle is long, and merges with the motocross-inspired tail section. Meanwhile, the bike rolls on 20-inch wheels shod in fat tires, and comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes. Both the front and rear ends of the two-wheeler are rigid, so don't expect to take it on any gnarly off-road terrain. 

As of this writing, pricing and availability information for the GasGas Moto electric bike have yet to be announced. Be sure to stay tuned, as this thing's sure to be a hit among both motorcycle enthusiasts and city commuters alike. 

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